WiFi /Robin Auto-Hacking Router

User Manual V2.07
1.Tech Data, -- 2.LCD Conection, -- 3.Broadcast Wifi/Signal, -- 4.Firmware Upgrade

1. Tech Data

2.4GHz Super Wireless Terminal
•Meet IEEE802.11b/g standard, use OFDM technique
•Support 3G wireless router, wireless AP and wireless client server
•Support Bridge and Router mode
•LED screen, automatically search wireless signal , one key connecting.
•No installation of the driver and software are needed.
•Support 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6M or 11/5.5/2/1M rate adaption
•Support SSID broadcast control and MAC visit address control
•Support 64/128/152 WEP encryption, support WPA.802.1X,TKIP,AES encryption and security mechanisms.
•Built-in firewall, support IP address filtering, domain filtering and MAC address filtering
•Support for UPNP and DDNS dynamic domain function

Device Address
Default IP address:
User Name: admin
Password: admin


2. LCD Configuration

Connect the Antenna and Network Cable then plug in the USB or AC,the device should power up
after the power indicator light, LAN light and AIR lighter are on,
the WiFiRobin welcome screen will be shown.

After you press the ‘OK’ button the menu is displayed as follow,

Please take a look at the device information,
software version, IP address etc.

Display the signal strength for the wireless networkp

Successful information displayed:
Press ‘OK’ button, it will automatically scan the wireless signals around.

Wait for a while, a list of the information will be searched as follow,

Above information stands for SSID
Encryption Method and Signal Strength
Example, the fourth line above, "ANT" stands for SSID,
"OPN" stands for Encryption Methods,
16 stands for Signal Strength.

Choose the network you want
and press the "OK" button

Successful information displayed:

Failure information displayed:

Select the restoring factory settings,
press "OK" to restore the factory default,
the default address is:
user name: admin
password: admin



3. How To Broadcast Wifi Signal

1. Plug the USB interface and network cable from the WifiRobin into your computer. Do a factory reset from the device menu to ensure we’re on the same settings.

2. Manually change your network settings to IP address, Router/Gateway as, and DNS server to also.

If you’re on windows, you can do the same by right clicking on your network connection and selecting properties, or search for “change network adapter settings” in Windows 7. Write in the comments if you’re having trouble and I’ll make a little video for you.
3. Open up your internet browser and navigate to, and login with the username and password admin/admin. You should be presented with a screen similar to this.

4.Go over to the device…Select the menu option Wireless Scan, choose your network, and wait for packets to be collected. This might take up to about 30 minutes.

NOTE: You can only hack WEP networks, and only when there are other clients connected. If no one is currently connected to the network, you will need to select another network or wait until someone is connected.

5. Assuming you’ve managed to connect to a network, go back to the online router interface and click on the LINK tab.
6. Change the Wireless Mode to STATION.

7. Click on SELECT button to open up a pop-up box of the networks in your area. You cannot do this unless the device has finished cracking the network you targeted, so wait if it hasn’t. If you try to click on select before the router has finished collecting packets, no networks will be displayed.

8. Select the network you just hacked. Router should still be displaying the “Success: connected to …” screen. If you happened to unplug the USB power cable for your device, dont worry. Although it wont display “connected to..”, the password will be stored in memory, so go ahead and select it anyway.

9. Scroll down and see if the password has been filled in for you. If it isn’t there, click once back to the main router interface, then click back to LINK tab.

10. In some cases, it might be listed in hex and you may have a problem connecting. To be sure it connects fine, and in order to be able to use the password on other machines, copy the hex code and paste it to this website.

11. Click to convert the Hex to Ascii, and a plain text password should appear. Copy this, or write down, and go back to your wifirobin link page…

12. Change the Key Yype to Ascii, and paste in the plain text password. If the password is just 5 characters long, leave the WEP key length at 64bit, otherwise if the password is longer you’ll need to also change the WEP key length to 128-bit.

13. Scroll up – you’ll notice the ESSID of the wifi network your device will repeat for you to use will be named by default as “WFB-[name of the hacked network]“. This might be a bit blatent to the actual owner of the network, so change that now before we restart the router. If you wish to secure your network with WPA2 , type your password in the “WPA PRESHARED KEY” box.

14. Scroll down, click change, then click apply when the page asks you. The device will start rebooting.

Connect to your new open Wifi network, and enjoy! Remember you can always connect directly to the hacked network now that you have the password, but if you have many devices and you end up changing networks at a later point, it’s easier to just keep the same open network that WifiRobin creates and change the hacked network through just one device.




4. Firmware Upgrade Instruction:
use a network cable only

1. Go to ‘’ System’’ setup page, see below picture :

2. Click , - Upgrade - you will see the window below:

3. Click ‘’ Browse’’ button, choose the file ‘’ fw.bing’’ that you downloaded

Download [ v1.25wifi ]
4. Open it then click :

5. Click , - Upgrade - upgrading the firmware.
6.Wait for a couple of minutes untill the device reboots, then succeed in upgrading.
Pay attention to below two points:
1)Do not change the file name ‘fw.bin’, leave as it is.
2)During the firmware upgrading, make sure wifirobin has power, don’t cut the power supply and make sure to connect to the ?
After rebooting the device, now do a simple operation on wifirobin LED screen, choose ‘‘factory reset’’ option, wait for some seconds, reboot it again. Upgrade succeeded.


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Connecting to a network without the consent of its owner
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